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Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love 4 (Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend) Releasing November 15th 2019

Antonio De Luca has waited his whole life to sit at the helm of the De Luca Cartel, but before he can settle into his new role as the Don of the De Luca Cartel, he must embrace a former enemy In order to fight a common threat and forge a new path toward a more peaceful future for his family. That, however, will be no easy feat. Sabrina is now more immersed in the mob lifestyle, after suffering a tragic setback. While pushing her husband away, she creates an opening for enemies to step in and cause more secrets to unravel.

With drama at every turn, unresolved personal tragedies to overcome, and the increasing dangers that come with his new-found status, he faces insurmountable odds.

Can he solidify his place in this unpredictable world and keep his family safe from harm?

Note: Explicit Content, Adult language with violence, explicit sexual scenes,sensitive topics. Final installment in Antonio and Sabrina series that introduces new characters.

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Heart of Stone Book 3 Angela&Brent-New Release

Angela enjoys the single life—she can do what she wants when she wants, unapologetic about her lifestyle until a night of passion leads to a new role. Now, her babies must come first, and she’s ready to leave her past mistakes behind.

Brent is living a perfect new life, expanding his company, enjoying the dating scene. When he returns home, He never anticipated what came from the one night of passion.Brent’s decisions require taking into account more than just himself after being confronted with twins on the way.

Angela’s eager to prove she’s changed, and Brent has to reconcile his feelings for the one person that holds his future in front of him. New beginnings for the two strong-willed, and stubborn, alpha personalities will come together in a shared love for the lives they’ve created.

Can these one time Lovers have a happily ever after, or will they have to settle for leading separate romantic lives and in time learn to be friends?


Every Time We Touch (A Wet Heat Novelette)-New Release

Xavier finally proclaimed his love for his best friend’s sister.
Chelsey finally announced her love for her brother’s best friend.
Every time they touch the passion is explosive, love is sweet, and the protection he gives is nurturing.
But will this sweet connection be enough?

As they navigate this new relationship, temptation draws them into a spotlight neither dared to explore on their own.

Note: Xavier and Chelsey were first introduced in “Wet Heat” a novella -A Steamy friends to lovers. This is a short novelette to update on the couple that helps to introduce a new series coming out in 2020. This must be read in order to understand context. Deals with explicit sex scenes, adult content and leaves off with a cliffhanger.


Spinoff Antonio and Sabrina (Janice and Carlo Captivated By His

Janice is on a new path after graduating college and living her dreams in the corporate world. She’s managed to handle the dating world with no commitments. After her last relationship in college ended abruptly, she wants to focus on herself and build a solid foundation. Unfortunately for her, the return of her ex-boyfriend isn’t getting her any closer to that goal.When she meets Carlo, a mob boss who’s as sexy as he is deadly, she can’t help but be intigued. But his lifestyle is at direct odds with what she wants in life and love. Carlo, however, isn’t making things easy for her.

She could choose to walk away, but will her decision lead to heartache or to a happily-ever-after?

Warning: Adult Content, steamy sex scenes, violence, sensitive subjects for some readers cause trigger, Spinoff from Antonio and Sabrina series. Recommended to read the Antonio and Sabrina series first for context.