Sneak Peek -Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love 4

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“AJ, make sure you watch your sister while I cook dinner.” 

“Mommy, why? She’s boring and takes all my toys.” 

I give him the look, narrowing my brows and peering into his eyes and he shuts his sassy mouth and turns back around to watch his sister while I put the groceries away and clean up. 

Antonio being gone leaves me with the full responsibility of the kids. But what’s new, right? I have to keep them entertained while he’s gone otherwise it’s a constant barrage of questions about when Daddy’s coming home.  

You’d think we’d have the kids spoiled. But growing up in my family, and being big on working for what you want, early on I told Antonio that my children would not have things handed to them. He mostly agreed, but he does sneak in special surprises too much sometimes. But I don’t bother him about it.

Hearing the doorbell chime has the kids jumping up and excited I left out of the kitchen as the housekeeper opened the door. With our lifestyle, we had private security, but Antonio still had cameras installed after my kidnapping.

“Grandma!” AJ and Jonathan screamed and clapped.

“Hi, my babies.” My mother bent down to give them a hug and kiss. Watching her face as she looked them over gave me peace in knowing they had both my parents for support. Antonio’s mother is great, but FaceTime calls only did so much. His father is a different situation, I still can’t figure him out.

“What are you doing here? Is Daddy here too?”

Shaking her head no, I helped her out of her jacket and hung it up on the coat rack. She picked Jonathan up and kissed his forehead and he ran back off to the living room.

“He’s at home and I’d just got off the phone with your sister and wanted to come to see you guys. Where’s your husband?”

“Out of town. I’m about to cook dinner if you want to stay and help?” I snapped not intending to be rude, but the little patience I had left was leaving me.

Taken aback she felt my forehead with the palm of her hand and I looked at her crazily.

“What are you doing?”

“Checking to see if you're sick, because no child of mine, no matter how grown will speak to me in that manner. Now, do you want to sit and have a glass of wine and talk about why you are so pissed off?” Mother said opening the cabinet and grabbing two wine glasses.

I went to the wine closet in our kitchen that we had redone once I moved in with AJ and we got married. We had marble kitchen floors, industrial size stainless steel oven, fridge, and counters. We also expanded my closets and added to the guesthouse for the family if we had visitors.

“Sorry, I’m frustrated with my husband and still trying to make sense of the miscarriage. I partially blame myself, and I somewhat blame Antonio. Is that crazy?” I said opening the bottle and pouring her some, then myself. Sitting across from her at the table we both sipped and savored the sweet blackberry hint in the bottle of red wine.

“No baby, that means you’re human and you’re still processing what’s happened. You know before you girls were born I’d had a miscarriage early on with your father.” 

“Damn, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” 

She waved me off and I peeked into the living room and the kids were still laughing and playing as the housekeeper kept an eye on them.

“No one knew because it was just mine and your father’s situation. Honey you don’t need to tell everybody your business. Not everyone has good intentions. Anyway, we worked through it and then you and your sister came along.” 

“I hear you, I guess I expected him to slow down and for things to not get even more complicated in our lives. Opening up more clubs, even hearing the conversations he’s having with Carlo about the deals they have set up and the politics behind how our government has a hand in things.” 

“Focus on your kids and work. Does he want you involved?” Mother questioned.

“No,” I answered pouring more wine into my glass.

“Then you need to stop trying to be this mafia wife and simply be his wife. He didn’t marry you thinking you’d sit in on his dealings. I didn’t raise you to go around shooting people and getting involved in drug deals.” she whispered lowly away from the kids. I giggled at her thinking I was this big-time mafia wife.

Coming soon November 15th, 2019

New Release!-Every Time We Touch (A Wet Heat Novelette)

Xavier finally proclaimed his love for his best friend’s sister.
Chelsey finally announced her love for her brother’s best friend.
Every time they touch the passion is explosive, love is sweet, and the protection he gives is nurturing.
But will this sweet connection be enough?

As they navigate this new relationship, temptation draws them into a spotlight neither dared to explore on their own.

Note: Xavier and Chelsey were first introduced in “Wet Heat” a novella -A Steamy friends to lovers. This is a short novelette to update on the couple that helps to introduce a new series coming out in 2020. This must be read in order to understand context. Deals with explicit sex scenes, adult content and leaves off with a cliffhanger.