Sneak Peek Antonio and Sabrina Book 2

Finally, ending my last meeting with an overseas client, Janice walked in. She looked terrible.

“Ugh, bad day?” I asked.

She blew out a breath and lied down on my couch. 

“I just met my future ex-husband,” Janice said, busting out in laughter.

“Girl, what are you talking about?” I questioned. 

I got up from my chair and walked closer to her. I plopped down on the edge of the couch.

“You remember Carlo from the club, right?”

Hearing a reference to that night brought up my earlier fear about Antonio.Feeling lightheaded, I walked over to my fridge and grabbed a bottled water.

“Your baby daddy was with him,” Janice smirked.

“Girl bye, I have no claims on anyone, let alone a baby daddy,” I muttered

“Tell yourself anything, if you must know, he asked about you,” Janice replied.

“I didn’t ask,” I grumbled.

Rolling my eyes at her and sitting back down at my desk, I continued to finish up my daily work.

“Act crazy and nonchalant if you want to, that man will tame that little alpha personality you’re holding onto,” Janice boasted.

“First, no one is taming me. Second, I have no attitude, just no time for little boys. My motto is ‘just sex’ from now on. Besides, I learned that from you,” I answered. 

“Child, don’t put your hoe ways on me. I rebuke the demon that opens those legs,” Janice joked.

“Bitch, did you say rebuke the demon that opened my legs?” I asked.

“Is water wet?” Janice opened her eyes and smirked at me.

I threw a pillow at her. 

“I can’t stand you,” I told her.

“Tell that to my therapist,” Janice said.

While shaking my head at her, she told me about her encounter with Carlo and Antonio.

“Are you going with me tonight?” Janice asked.

“I can’t, Ashley’s in town, so we’re having sister bonding time,” I answered.

Janice got up and picked up the pillow off the floor. After she was done, she placed her shoes back on her feet. 

“Have fun for me tonight, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” I yelled out.

“In that case, I’d be a nun until the Pope decides birth control is like Advil for migraines,” Janice joked. 

We both spilled over in tears from laughing at her joke.