Antonio and Sabrina: Struck In Love Book 1 sneak peek

So, Sabrina Washington, what brings you to my club two days in a row?” Already, I can sense she’s going to be a challenge. “Is that what you really want to know?”

“I’m just getting started. Trying to pace myself.”

“Someone is feeling confident about himself, think this is going somewhere.”

“I know it will.” Slowly I move in closer to her on the crunch. Putting both our glasses down on the table.

“What are you thinking about?” Slowly she tries putting distance between us.

“I’m thinking how you can be real and be in my office right now. I feel like I’m dreaming and someone will wake me up soon. If that happens, I’ll be extremely upset that I never have a chance to kiss you. May I kiss you, Sabrina?” She pauses for a moment, thinking over my request.

Before she could answer. I raised my hand and gently caressed her cheek. Then placed a soft kiss right at the corner of her lips. I noticed her surprised expression. A knock on the door interrupts us. “I’m busy.” Carlo knocks again.

    “I can’t explain it, but I want to see you again. Please, let me take you out to dinner.”

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Suddenly feeling vulnerable around this woman. “Why?” I asked.

Carlos continued banging on the door.

    “Sabrina’s friends are ready to go,” Carlo said.

“Fuck, do you have to go?” I’m getting agitated with all the interruptions. “It’s getting late, and I have an early meeting tomorrow. Besides, I wouldn’t want to cramp the De Luca playboy lifestyle.”

    “It’s Antonio, and it’s happening. Just dinner, what’s the harm in that?”

 “Fine Antonio, but, before this dinner. I’m not looking for any type of relationship. Do we understand each other?”

“We’ll see about that.” I walked her out of the office.

    “How are you getting home?” I moved in closer inhaling her perfume.

    “I have a car waiting.” Before she turned, I grabbed and kissed her hand again.  She moved away from me. “What’s your angle Mr. De Luca?”

I’m going to love breaking down her walls. “Looking to get to know you a little bit better Bella.” We both linger looking into each other’s eyes, trying to see if this is real.

I escorted all the women out and held her hand tightly. I opened the passenger door to let Janice and Liz in first. Then held Sabrina by the waist, stopped her from getting into the car.

“Dinner tomorrow, where’s your phone?” I demanded. Sabrina pulled out her phone. I grabbed it and dialed my number to save her own on my phone.

“Goodnight, Ladies, and sweet dreams, Sabrina.” She leans in into me, whispers in my ear.

“Bona Notte Antonio.” Goodnight in Italian. I’m stunned; she speaks Italian. I refuse to let her go; she’s mine. Standing and watching the car drive off made me rethink about taking over the cartel. All my life I’ve been trained by my father to head the family and become the Don after he retires. I know bringing her in won’t be easy, the only way to convince my dad is through my mom, she’ll know what to do. No matter what, Sabrina is my future wife and the next Donna to stand beside me.

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