Meet the characters of Antonio and Sabrina

Antonio De Luca 27yr old rising mogul in the night club industry, and future Boss ofThe De Luca Cartel. His father is slowly grooming him to take over, Antonio tries hard to push back on leaving the family business too someone else, but with a fatherlike Jimmy De Luca that won't be so easy. 

Sabrina Washington 24yr old Executive Vice President of Washington Finance. Being the second in command at her family's company comes with a lot of responsibility and rewards. She tries to hold up the traditions from her upbringing and following the path set by her parents. Once Sabrina and Antonio meet and fall in love. 

One night Sabrina hangs with her girlfriends at Ryde nightclub. They've noticed she's been a little depressed over her breakup and stays in the house or either at work 60hrs a week.  After being dragged out to the local club, she crosses paths with local celebrity Antonio De Luca the son of crime boss Jimmy DeLuca. The sparks immediately fly and lust is brewing in the air.

Everything they've been taught and molded gets questioned. Follow this journey of love at first sight, with obstacles coming from not only outsiders, ex-lovers, and family members, but racial tensions, alpha personalities, possessiveness, with a fun, flirty and sexy couple.