Tempted -Unedited Sneak Peek

“Do you Desiree Spence take Gabriel McCullough to be your wedding Husband?” The asked, looked between both Gabriel and as we stared into each other’s eyes. At this moment we’ve waited for, this past year taking on a new job at East High school, after transferring and leaving my old job as a substitute teacher. Deal with the images of David’s betrayal and getting fired. My family stood by me even though my father wanted to kick his ass, hearing the gossip around town helped my decision with starting over in a new town and make new memories. What I didn’t expect was to meet a tall, handsome man with rich chocolate skin, standing around 6’2 in height engulfing my entire 5,7 frame.

Not mention those hard dark brown eyes that have you melting in the palm of his hands. Doesn’t hurt with his broad shoulders, long thick arms with bulging muscles, and thick fingers with calluses from years of playing basketball. I love climbing on him every chance I get after I finish riding him reverse cowgirl. Feel his hands run up and down my back brings chills to my spine. We waited before having sex again until the wedding night. It was Gabriel’s idea, and after the shock wore off, I remembered he’s always been that man to put my needs above he’s. There was no comparison between him and David because by far Gabriel has surpassed every item off my list. After many nights of tossing and turning wishing to have someone next to me at by my side. I can’t wait for this journey and have our first child. My surprise as something new when we get alone later tonight. The church we picked out was beautiful with its fine detail of ———————-
“Baby, you all right?” Gabriel asked, squeezed my hands tighter. Apart from me still nervous and stomach doing somersaults, sweaty hands, I was about to become someone’s wife. Look out around the room at my family and best friend, Sidney. Glance over as she rocked her newborn baby and my goddaughter, Coco, to sleep. If I didn’t listen to Sidney that day and interview for the job, I wouldn’t have met my future love. My backbone, Best friend, and weakness.
“Excuse me, what did you say, pastor?” I inquired as the full room muttered through laughs at me zoning out during my wedding.
“Asked do you take Gabriel to be your wedded husband, to have and to hold through sickness and in health till death do you part?”
“I do,” I answered in smile covering my entire face. Watching everyone shout and cheer before we even get to the kissing part. See Gabriel’s mother and sister not the least bit interested in what was going on at her sons’ wedding. My mouth hung to the floor watching her walk down the aisle in all black. The sleeveless, long length dress with black shades and a large black hat like this was a funeral instead of our wedding day. Not surprised that she would show up, just surprised she didn’t stop the wedding. I have a great relationship with his father and grandparents and friends. His mom thinks I’m the devil, and she’s tried her best to keep us apart even working with his ex-girlfriend to pin a baby on him. Plus, trying to draw him back in the game to play with an overseas team.
“I do.”
“I now pronounce you Husband and wife, and you may kiss the bride.”
Gabriel lifted my veil and leaned into me and pecked me on both cheeks, leaned back and stared into my eyes as the tears spilled. Standing on my tippy toes I met him halfway as he bent lower, and we kissed on the lips. A long sensual, pulsating kiss that had my juices flows and ready to take him here and now. “I love you, Mrs. McCullough.”
“I love you too Mr. McCullough.”
Pull back capturing each other’s smile, he wiped the tear that tried to fall down my cheek.
“How does it feel to marry a man ten years younger than you babe?”
“Like I have a lifetime to share new memories-”
The church doors opened and cut me off as a familiar face walks up.
One Year Ago
“This is good for you Desi, a new school, a new home and new men. What Dr. Phil ordered when he spoke to make the change, don’t wait for it to happen.” Sidney said voice fading in and out.
“What are you doing? I hear rustling and movement. Did you call me while your fucking again? I told you about-”
“No, I was carrying in my groceries, and besides. Don’t become mad at me for having a healthy sex life. I recommend you take pointers and maybe you wouldn’t be so irritable all the time.” Sidney said in a huff.
“I’m not grouchy, just picky.”
“Okay, picky when was the last date you’ve been on since the David situation? Please don’t bring up Nathan guy because he had a fetish for women that acted like his momma and bosses him around.”
“Now why did you bring that memory back up,” I replied. After showing my parking pass and school ID I pulled into the assigned teacher parking spots. With it being a public school district we often had to carpool or Uber because of the limited amount of parking slots. Sidney and I traded off to save on gas and she was off today.
I felt relaxed and ready for this new step in my life and seeing all the hard work Sidney and I put in with organizing commity meetings with parents, teachers, and the board of education. Inclusion of college courses for high school juniors, and seniors. You can see the changes Memphis TN is going into for the 21century modern technology time.
“Did you make it there yet?” Sidney asked.

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