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Sneak Peek Heart of Stone Book 2 Jordan&Damon-On Sale Now!

The next morning after our dinner and long conversation we came to an agreement of where we wanted to go as a couple. Bridget would be put on the back burner in our lives going forward. We had breakfast and fell back to sleep a few hours later I woke up to intense pressure down below.

"Mmm," I moaned as I felt Damon's finger rub against my clit. I felt my orgasm coming as he continued to please me.

Damon gazed deep into my eyes. He kissed from my right inner thigh across to my left and moved up to my belly button. Then he cupped my left breast and twirled his tongue around my nipple. His large body hovered over me as his long, thick girth poked me in the stomach. Damon was completely naked on top of me, and I opened myself wider for him without any hesitation. He knew how to get me turned on.

"Oh, Damon!" I screamed, then arched my back and tried to grip his manhood and put him inside myself.

"Baby, you ready for me?"

I nodded, knowing full well I couldn't handle his large girth. On many occasions, I tried to ride him, but often, I couldn't last long, and he always joked about me taking him fully. "Yes, please," I stuttered, stroking his manhood.

He smacked my hand away and eased his cock into my sex. We both moaned at the slow penetration. "This what you been needing, Choc?" Damon grunted, slowly thrusting in and out.

I was speechless as he lowered himself fully over my body.

He took my hands and pulled them over my head, then held them with one hand. He picked up my left leg and wrapped it around his waist for deeper penetration.

"Oh, fuck!" I cried.

Damon stuck his tongue in my mouth, not letting me up for air. My eyes fluttered shut, and his movements grew faster. "Are you finally done running, Choc?" he panted as he repeatedly slammed deep inside me.

I nodded. I was done running, and I knew that after this last big argument, I'd been close to losing him. The kids had a sleepover with JJ, so we had the place to ourselves. I figured he was planning to make me finally decide what we would be, going forward.

"I can't hear you, baby." Damon was fucking me into submission, and I had no complaints. He was letting me know I belonged to him, and he belonged to me.

"Ahhh, Damon!" I shouted.

He pulled out and turned me around, then helped me arch my back. He gripped my hair in his hands and tilted my head to the right, then kissed me again as he lined up his cock with my sex. "God damn, this feels so good, Choc," Damon whispered under his breath. He leaned against my sweaty back and trailed kisses up to my neck and shoulder. Our thrusts became in sync as I heard the slapping of our skin, and our low moans and grunts.

Usually, we'd go three or four rounds, but I was already exhausted, and I knew that after this second orgasm, I wouldn't have any more energy for the rest of the night.


Two hours later, we ordered some food from the Thai restaurant around the corner and lay in bed. I was wearing his t-shirt, and he was in his boxers.

"Any regrets?" Damon demanded. "Speak now or forever hold your peace." He scooped more spicy noodles onto his plate.

"DJ loves you and Tessa," I answered honestly. "I doubt I could get rid of you without hurting my son." We stared into each other's eyes.

"That little boy is something else," Damon said sincerely. "You did a good job with him, Jordan. I'd never try to replace his father; I just want to be a part of your life, if you'll allow me." He tilted my chin up and kissed me on the lips.

"What about Bridget?" I asked after we pulled away from the kiss.

"Bridget who?" Damon asked kissed my cheek. He walked to the bathroom and shut the door. A few seconds later, I heard the water running.

As soon as Damon came out of the bathroom, he plopped back onto the bed with his back against the headboard and pulled me up to straddle his lap. He ran his fingers over my smooth skin. I stole a quick kiss as our eyes connected, fantasizing about moving forward as an official couple.

"I keep telling you," he said. "Bridget is the least of my worries. Don't let her come between what we could have, Jordan." He pointed between us both, then leaned forward.

I met him halfway as he kissed my forehead. "You're right," I said, "but I don't want Tessa to not have the opportunity to grow up and have a two-parent household. What if she comes to me one day and asks why her mom and dad aren't married?" I inquired.

His fingers began stroking featherlight touches over my inner thigh. "Miss Davis, are you proposing to me?" Damon joked.

"What?! No-"

He cut off my reply with another kiss on the lips. "Baby, relax. I do plan on making you my wife one day. As for Tessa, she'll be fine. That little girl loves you. She knows who her mother is and understands that her mom and dad love her very much. It doesn't mean we need to be in a relationship to parent her."

I felt like a petulant teenager, mad at her boyfriend, with my arms crossed over my chest, and my lips puckered in a pout. I tried to climb off his waist.

He only tightened his hold. "You look sexy when you pout, baby."


Sneak Peek “Heart of Stone 2 (Jordan & Damon)

#SneakPeek, Unedited and subject to change. Copyrighted 304Publishing Company

“How does this feel?”  Damon’s soft large hands moved up and down as he worked the knots out of my shoulders. Feeling his large presence behind me brings back memories of his soft kisses running a trail up and down my chest, feeling a tightness in my chest. I block out the thoughts while standing off to the side away from the crowd.

 “Lower please,” I told Damon as he massaged my back. 

“Have you decided to go out to dinner with me?”

Tensing at his question, I moved away from his arms, and tightened my bikini back around my neck. Turned and headed toward the downstairs bathroom to continue getting myself back together. After our little quickie in Emery’s house I knew he wouldn’t just let things go without talking about commitment.

“Damon, we agreed just to keep things casual.”

“Jordan, it’s been four months, and we’ve gone on play dates with our kids. I like you, and I know you like me. Why are you so afraid to take that next step?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s just get the kids out of the water and have dinner.” 

 “Jordan, listen to me. I’m not trying to replace your husband.” He moved in closer behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. Leaned in closer and kissed the back of my ear as I stared into the bathroom mirror.

“Just drop it okay.”

“For now, I will since the kids are around. But we’re finishing this conversation.”

Rolling my eyes at his demanding nature, I turned away, as he gripped me gently by the arm and pulls me into his chest. He leaned over to kiss me on the lips.


He ran his hands up and down my back and to my ass. He squeezes, and I moaned into his kiss.


I tried to pull away, and he bit my lower lip as we tongue wrestled for dominance. 

“Shit… baby either the water from your swimsuit is seeping through your bikini bottom onto my leg, or I just made you wet from a kiss. Your pussy’s calling for me to take care of hr. “Can you two try and control yourselves? We have kids running around here,” Emery said as she held JJ on her right hip and a plate of food in the other hand.

 I watched my best friend find love and have happiness after her heartbreak, now being a mom and wife to one of the wealthiest men, Jackson Pierce. She tried her best to stay away from him, but in the end, he prevailed and made her his wife. Now they’re working on baby number two. Me on the other hand, I’m still grieving my husband and taking care of my five-year-old son. 

Damon Adams is a guy I met at my son’s school. His daughter’s in the same grade as my son, and we’ve been hanging out for the last few months with our kids. He wants more, and I keep avoiding him except for when I have an appetite for what’s between his legs.

“Jordan, baby lets go upstairs for a minute. We need to talk.”


“I need talk to you about something.”

I see Emery shake her head at the both of us. We sneak away to the upstairs guest bedroom in their house.

“Take that off.” Damon demanded as he pulled his shirt over his head and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and before I could lower myself, we hear a knock at the door. 

 “Mommy, I need to use the restroom!” DJ yelled from the other side of the door.


Cover Reveal! "Heart of Stone Book 1 (Emery&Jackson)

Emery Stone is dealing with not only heartbreak from her ex-fiance cheating with her best friend and engaged with a new baby. She's trying to avoid her secrets from spilling out and moving on with her life and start dating by the new motto of no falling in love, just sex. As she navigates her new found freedom, she meets Jackson Pierce at a time in her life where anything is possible. Jackson tries to break through to her heart while keeping her distance and secrets close to her and away from family, friends, and new love. Breaking her walls down won't be so easy when she's still bitter from the past.