Sneak Peek “Antonio and Sabrina 4 Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

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“Arghhh!!! Running toward the screams I charged into the warehouse with Carlo, Bruno and my team behind us shooting anyone that doesn’t belong to the De Luca Cartel.

Blap! Blap! Blap! Hitting two guards standing at the door. I push through the large stoned rustic door, as soon as we get it open. Nothing but the stench of death and blood to find my worst nightmare. Sabrina in a chair hunched over with blood dripping down her face, with her hands tied behind her back. I try to run toward her as Carlo and Bruno hold me back.

“Let me go! She needs me.” I shouted and pushed them both off me. Running and falling to my knees in front of her as I check her pulse. Not feeling her heartbeat I lifted her shirt and check for bullet wounds. Seeing the bruises on her face and ripped clothes. I call for Carlo to help me get her out of these ropes.

“Carlo, find something to help me get her out of here.”

He rushes over after making sure our men are stationed at every corner to monitor if anyone leaves and enters. Taking his knife from him, I cut the ropes and pull her into my chest.

“Baby, wakeup.. please Bella. I need you.”

Still not getting a response as I pick her up and carry her toward our car. Carlo holds me back and checks to make sure our men are even stationing on each exit route.

“We need to get her to a doctor as soon as possible. She’s bleeding all over.”

“Sabrina needs you to stay calm Antonio, we all know she’s strong and will get through this,” Carlo says as we walk out and a hell of gunfire meets us as we drop to the ground taking cover behind the side building.

“Where’s Sonny? Get him to pull the car around to this side with Bruno.”

Nodding in agreement, he pulls the burner phone out and sends a message. Two minutes later Sonny pulls around the side of the building as more gunfire and explosives are set off.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Carlo looks at me, and we have a silent conversation of him backing me up with cover as I run to get Sabrina in the car. We’ve done the same routine many times over whenever we're involved in shootouts. One of us is always going to save the other.

“Don’t take your eyes off Bruno, make sure you both meet me in thirty minutes, or I’m sending more men out here. I need to get her to the hospital.” I say as I stand up with Sabrina in my arms caressing and kissing her cheek.

“Brother you can never get rid of me. Now hurry up; we don’t have much time before Bruno lets off the grenades.” Carlo said as he hugged me and kissed Sabrina’s forehead before taking off and shooting an enemy of ours.

Jumping into the car Sonny speeds off in our bulletproof SUV as more bullets sent toward our car. Turning around and seeing explosives being let off. Mentally tell myself that both of my brothers are okay. Bending down and kissing Sabrina’s forehead, I can feel her warmth around me. Taking my Jacket off and covering her up. I send another message to our medical team to make sure the room is set up at our house. Usually, we could go to the hospital, but not knowing who Ademarro has in his back pocket I’d rather be safe and have our people cove Bella’s care.

Twenty minutes later, a drive that would typically be forty-five or more. We ran every red light we could and took back roads to our home. Being in Italy this summer was supposed to be a renewal for us. Five years ago after we went through that bullshit with Alex and Camilla and the Russians. We decided to move to Italy and raise the kids here without all the extra tension. I see now that drama is going to find us no matter what. Arriving in the back to avoid the kids from seeing their mom. I refuse to let anyone carry her in the house. Taking the elevator to our bedroom. The doctors and nurses start working kicking everyone out as I place her on the bed. Leaning down to kiss her lips and send a prayer up to God. I step back, and the Doctor does whatever needs to happen to get Bella back to me.

“Antonio, Antonio wake up baby,” Sabrina says as she nudged me from my nightmare.