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Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love Topping Amazon’s charts

Huge Thanks and Gratitude for everyone that has supported with purchasing the “Antonio and Sabrina Struck In series”. Each book has debuted in Amazon Best Sellers for New releases in ITalian Drama, African American Drama and European Suspense Drama. 

This wouldn’t be possible without the readers and love you’ve shown our team. We thank you all and appreacite every like, share, follow and review in support of our work.

Book 2 of Antonio and Sabrina: Struck In Love unedited, subject to change

She pulled up to the valet at 9p.m. heading into Antonio’s
“Hi, I’m meeting Antonio DeLuca,” Sabrina said.
The Hostess smiled at Sabrina and escorted her to a private booth in the back. Antonio was already sitting inside when she approached and he gazed at her longingly, starting at her feet, and moved up to the smooth shape of her curves and small waist, to her full-figured breasts, and ended at her eyes. Antonio had lost all thought and speech as Sabrina was calling his name. 
“Antonio, is this one of the places you own?” Sabrina said.
“I’m sorry, what did you say” Antonio said. 
“I said, do you own this place?” she said.
“I don’t own it, but my family does, and they named it after me. Please, have a seat.” Antonio closed the door behind them, gently grabbed Sabrina's elbow and led her to the private booth. He told the waiter to not bother them even in an emergency. He’d call when they were ready. Antonio turned around and sat back down. 
“It’s a very beautiful place,” she said. 
“I think it’s the second most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” he said. Sabrina started blushing. 
“What’s the first thing?”
“You, of course,” he said.
“I think you already had a few drinks. Maybe I need to catch up,” she said.
“I can promise I haven’t had one drop of alcohol. Sabrina, let me be honest with you. I usually just meet girls, fuck and leave, but there's something about you..
“What am I supposed to say to that?”
“Say you’ll see me again.” What I'm feeling tells me your different and the feeling is mutual.
“Someone’s very confident in themselves. We haven’t even begun the first date,” she said.
“I haven’t been able to think of anything except you since we first met. I hope you feel the same way.
“I’d say that I just got out of something that was complicated. So, I can’t say I’m looking for anything from beyond tonight.”
“I can see you’ll be a challenge.”
“Do you like challenges, Mr. DeLuca?”
“It’s Antonio, and I can tell you that I always get what I want.”
“What is it that you want?” 
” You,” he said. Sabrina continued drinking her wine as Antonio was talking. “I know you want me as well,” he said. 
“And how did you come to this conclusion?”
“You’re sitting with me, aren’t you? Also, by the shortness of breath every time I touch you, longing in your eyes for me to kiss you, and if I’m not mistaken, I can smell your arousal for me even from this short distance.” Sabrina leaned across the table to whisper, “Maybe I’m just looking for a free meal,” she said. Antonio started laughing at her. 
“At least it got you here.” Antonio picked up the phone and called for the waiter to bring in the dinner. “I hope you like pasta; my family’s famous for the pasta dishes.”
“I love pasta, it’s really a nice place; does your family own a chain of restaurants?” Antonio gazed into her eyes.
“We have a few businesses, which brings me to you,” he said. 
“What about me?” she said.
“I didn’t know Jonathan Washington was your father”
“How did you find out?” she said. 
“I was at your company’s office today and opened an account,” he said. “Who did you open it with?” Sabrina said. 
“Spencer Jones.” Sabrina choked on her wine, caught off guard by Spencer's name coming up and thinking over the conversation she had earlier with him. She immediately grabs a few napkins off the table and wipes off her dress, his suit and the table. Antonio helped to clean up the mess and began to speak again. “I’m so sorry. What time did you come in today?”
“Is something going on with you and this Spencer?”
“Why would you ask that?” she said. 
“I just want to know if I have any competition that I need to dispose of,” he said. 
“That explains our conversation,” she said.
“What conversation?” he said.
“Nothing, just thinking”
”Sabrina, if something is distracting you, then I need to know about it,” he said. 
“Why?” she said. 
”Because I want your full attention on me. If anything or anyone gets in my way of having you all to myself tonight, then I want to take care of it right away,” he said. 
“Antonio, let me be honest with you. I’m not the type of girl you would normally go out with. So, maybe we should just end this meal and go our separate ways before anyone gets hurt.” Antonio looked at Sabrina in a desirable way and grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips. “I won’t hurt you, but I can’t stop how I’m feeling. You can’t tell me you don’t feel this either. I’m a very controlling, dominant, and possessive man. If someone tries to hurt someone I care about, they will understand my wrath. I’m not saying this is a relationship, but I want to figure out this attraction that we have,” he said. 
“Again, I say you may have made a bad choice in a date. I’m very controlling, a workaholic, and an independent woman. I’m not a size two like the women in your clubs, and if you haven’t noticed, I’m black. I don’t wait around for a man to figure out his shit, if you want to date me, then show me. Words don’t just charm me. I need action, trust is very important. Can you handle that?” she said. Antonio smirked. 
“Let’s get out of here,” he said. 
“I drove here, remember and where are you thinking of going?”
“Back to my place,” he said. 
“I don’t think that’s a good idea”
“Why, are you afraid to be alone with me?” 
“Has anyone ever told you that you have a big ego?” she said. 
“Has anyone ever told you that you’re a smart ass, and I want to kiss you right now to shut you up?” he said. 
“So, what’s stopping you?” She said.