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Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love 3 Cover Reveal

Antonio and Sabrina think they’ve put the worst behind them. They’re ready to begin the next chapter of their lives, but forces beyond their control have other plans for them. Before either can settle into their new roles of parent and newly-minted Don of the De Luca Cartel, people from their sordid pasts take their vengeance a step further.

Distinguishing friend from foe, acquaintances from hired guns is only the beginning of the trouble they’ll face. If Antonio can’t bring this madness to an end, he may very well lose not only his new title, but lose the family he fought so hard for.

Will their love unimaginable love story end in tragedy or will their shared will to survive see them through?

Sneak Peek from Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love 3 Unedited

“Bella, I miss kissing your lips.” Antonio said.

“I miss you too baby.” I answered

“When are you coming home?” Antonio inquired. 

“I’m not sure, it’s busy at work today. We closed a big deal.” Sabrina replied. 

“What are you wearing?” 

“Antonio, is that why you called me. Not to say hi, good afternoon, how’s your day, like any normal boyfriend. ”I joked. 

“Babe, I haven’t touched you in over 8hrs, I need my fix.” Antonio whined.

“You are so spoiled.” I replied. 

“That goes both way’s baby. Are you alone in your office?” Antonio asked.


“Touch yourself for me. I want to hear you scream my name.” 

“I’m at my place of business Tony. What if someone walks in or hears me.” I pleaded.

“Get up and lock the door.”  Antonio commanded

Hesitating and looking through the blinds at the almost empty floor. I contemplated if should do it. 

“I know your considering it baby. Live a little.” Antonio said.

I stood up and walked to the door and locked it.

“You owe me for this mister. I want three orgasms and a foot massage later today.” I informed.

Antonio busts out laughing on the other end of the phone.

“Bella you can get as many orgasms as you want. I’d lick that pretty pussy all day and night. Just thinking about how sweet you taste is already making my dick get hard.” Antonio said.



Sneak Peek blurb Antonio and Sabrina Book 2

The first meeting was all it took for these two lovers to come together with so much passion and lust that everyone else was drowned out. Nothing could stop Antonio and Sabrina from being together included family, ex-lovers and friends.

Sabrina never imagined what intense love could feel like until he came into her life. Antonio has more secrets to hide and more drama in the cartel heating up. Can they both keep their heads above water or is this the end before true love begins. Get ready for more Flirty, Sassy, Funny, Sexy, Steamy, Alpha male & female personalities in Book 2 of Antonio and Sabrina.

Book 2 updates

I can finally say book 2 is in the hands of the editor. The drama, lust, love and fighting was intense. 

The good news is that it'll be released this month. The bad news is that the pre-orders may not go on sale until  9/29. I'm crossing fingers and toes. That will have everything done. As you know in the world of book publishing. Anything can happen. Some thrilling news is that Book 3 is already halfway written. The entire series 3 Book series of Antonio and Sabrina will be for sale around October 2017. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media pages. 

Again pre-order dates are subject to change.