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Mystery, Thriller, Suspense- Temporary cover

Our brand has always been about showcasing authors new and established in all genres of Romance. Also, opening the doors to Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense next year with Author Ava King.

New two book series called “Agent Red” coming in 2020.

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Cover Reveal-Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love 4


Antonio De Luca has waited his whole life to sit at the helm of the De Luca Cartel, but before he can settle into his new role as the Don of the De Luca Cartel, he must embrace a former enemy In order to fight a common threat and forge a new path toward a more peaceful future for his family. That, however, will be no easy feat. Sabrina is now more immersed in the mob lifestyle, after suffering a tragic setback. While pushing her husband away, she creates an opening for enemies to step in and cause more secrets to unravel.

With drama at every turn, unresolved personal tragedies to overcome, and the increasing dangers that come with his new-found status, he faces insurmountable odds.

Can he solidify his place in this unpredictable world and keep his family safe from harm?

Note: Explicit Content, Adult language with violence, explicit sexual scenes,sensitive topics. Final installment in Antonio and Sabrina series that introduces new characters.

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