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Sneak Peek unedited "Heart of Stone" Book 1

 Hearing scrambling in Brent's office, a few minutes after the door opens and Angela walks out with her blouse inside out and hair all over the place. 

    “Are you actually doing this at work?”  I asked

    “I came over to ask Brent about marketing advice for the salon.” Angela answered.

    “Angela, do I look like booboo the fool to you.” 

    “Whatever, you can’t talk. I see that hickey on your neck." Angela joked as she pointed at me.

    “What hickey?” I questioned.

    “Excuse me ladies, but can you take this somewhere else? I have a  new client coming in and Angela, the secrets out of the bag. Emery, we're dating.” Brent says

    “We hang out from time to time. I don’t belong to anyone,” Angela sarcastically replied.

Brent smacked Angela on the ass, she scoffed in and walked off toward my office.

    “Is this going to be a problem?” 

    “Shit, I should ask you the same thing. That woman drives me crazy.” 

    “You seem to keep going back so you must like it.”

Brent drew in a long breath and sighed as he shook his head back and forth.

    “I’ve tried plenty of times to get her out of my system Emery. She frustrates me with this dating other guys and ignoring my calls when she see’s I’m out with other women.” 

    “You love her."

He chuckled, waved me off and opened his office door for me to walk inside.

    “We have a client this morning. The CEO of Nascar. I want you heading the account and bring Domqinue in on it. 

    “Why Dominique, you know we can’t stand each other.”

    “Emery, please be nice.”

Drinking the last of my coffee. I toss it in the wastebasket and grab the files out of his hands.

    “Sure thing Boss.”

I turned to leave and Brent yells across the room.

    “Umm...Emery you should put a little makeup on your neck, seeing as how we’re in a professional setting.” 


Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love 3 Cover Reveal

Antonio and Sabrina think they’ve put the worst behind them. They’re ready to begin the next chapter of their lives, but forces beyond their control have other plans for them. Before either can settle into their new roles of parent and newly-minted Don of the De Luca Cartel, people from their sordid pasts take their vengeance a step further.

Distinguishing friend from foe, acquaintances from hired guns is only the beginning of the trouble they’ll face. If Antonio can’t bring this madness to an end, he may very well lose not only his new title, but lose the family he fought so hard for.

Will their love unimaginable love story end in tragedy or will their shared will to survive see them through?