Heart of Stone (Emery&Jackson) A Valentine’s Day Short Story (kindle)

Heart of Stone (Emery&Jackson) A Valentine’s Day Short Story (kindle)


Emery and Jackson are the go-to couple.

Relationship problems? Call them. Work problems? Call them. Legal problems? Call them.

But now that the couple have said their 'I do's', they no longer want to be at everyone's beck and call, especially on Valentine's Day. Apparently, though, a new baby, a job promotion, and a surprising announcement have something else in mind.

Will this couple ever get to spend some quality time alone or are they doomed to continue their reign as the couple who will always be there for everyone else - no matter what they have planned?

A Valentines Day Contemporary Steamy, Romantic Comedy

Warning: This Short story deals with characters from (Emery&Jackson) Book 1 of Heart of Stone Series. Highly advise to read in order to know context of characters before you move forward.
Standalone Short Story in the Heart of Stone series about 3 best friends searching for love, happiness and healing. overcoming their past relationships and find love again? HEA, Steamy Romance.
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